Commercial: The Avalon Beer Garden

Here is some more work Ive undertaken for the Beer Garden Co from bridport, dorset.

This here is the most extensive of the garden builds for the Three cheers pub co. This particular pub the Avalon is in clapham on balham hill, And its a stunner!

with two gardens both fully refurbished in handmade and bespoke wood fittings, Its a great place to stop and relax,


The Avalon main garden


And then a small side garden made from reclaimed scaffolding boards, All  hand cut to fit!


I think anyone can agree they look great!

The Beer Garden Co

Fat Leaf 

The Avalon 



Commercial: The Stonhouse Beer Garden

This has been part of a recent project for a local Company, The Beer Garden Co from Bridport Dorset (Link)

They are great at what they do, Proper handmade wood gardens and furniture. If you need anything its well worth a call. In total I shot 5 pubs in london for them and then a few local ones will be covered soon. 4 of the pubs are owned by the Three cheers pub co (Link) , A lovely chain that have clearly put a lot of effort into making  a bespoke and memorable chain. And now with some top quality beer gardens to match!

Here are just a couple of images from the Beer Garden at the Stonhouse


As you can see its a lovely little garden tucked away in London, A great escape for an amazing cocktail

The whole construction of the garden looks great, a real testament to how much attention goes into the design from Ross and the guys at the beer garden co, And I seriously love those tables, they look and feel amazing in the flesh.

Landscape Photography: London At Night

This image here was shot while in london shooting beer gardens for a client.

I had just finished shooting at the Fellow in Kings cross when walking back to the car and came across this scene, too good to miss I set up the tripod and shot just one frame.


I love london at night and its one I still want to shoot properly, perhaps soon Ill be able to get out and fill up on city scenes.


How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

Yes its one of those posts! I know every wedding photographer in the world has written one, And seeing as we must make up 60% of the worlds population there’s a lot the same advice out there.

I, however, am a bit different. I don’t go in for the hard sell, and I don’t have a million different tiered packages at varyingly complex pricing scales designed to make price comparison harder. I’m a simple guy and I like to know where I stand, and I’ve tried to reflect this into my work.

So you need a photographer, and presumably you’ve asked on one of the Facebook groups, and had a hundred replies and 50 message requests. Mind Blown and still a little lost? It can be a minefield choosing a photographer, so here’s a handy guide to help you figure it all out.

The age-old argument between budget and quality is one that still rages on and will always cause a few controversial comments on some posts. My advice here is to ignore all of these. Price often doesn’t matter. If you like the individual’s work and business then price will not be a major factor.

However, contrary to popular belief lower priced photographers, will not necessarily completely ruin your wedding. Research is key here: new starters in the industry offer a great alternative for those who are looking to spend less than 1K and can still deliver great results. I know this from personal experience. There is enough room in the world for both styles of photographer to exist.

Let me give a quick run though of what you would be looking for in any photographer, as these questions apply to all regardless of how much they charge. If your answer is yes to all of the following questions then you have your photographer.


Style of Work: Do you like their style? Reportage, traditional, alternative etc. Choose a style and then narrow down your search. Look at the portfolios and see which you prefer, which you could potentially see working for you on the day. I offer a Relaxed day with elements of reportage but still being able to pose and organize group shots

Are they insured?: Public liability and professional indemnity, is essential as it covers you in the case it all goes wrong. Check this and ask for documentary proof before booking.

Back up Kit: Do they shoot with two cameras on the day? Do they carry any extra spare kit? This is important, as should any accidents or mechanical failures occur if they do not have spare equipment then they cannot continue. This includes flashguns, lenses, batteries, filters, chargers etc.

Do they shoot on multiple cards or have dual card cameras?: I have both, but on the camera that only shoots one card I tend to use smaller capacity cards, allowing an insurance incase one goes missing or is corrupted.

.    Do they provide a contract?: This is another must, as it should tell you everything you need to know about the photography arrangements on your special day. It needs to cover the following: deposit, payment terms, image usage rights, delivery times, and complaints. This needs to be signed by both parties. If they do not offer this or make an excuse, flee. They are likely to either be highly inexperienced or potentially dodgy.

Can they show you full albums of work?: This will get you a feel of how they work through the day and how consistent the images are.

Have they shot weddings before?: How long have they been working? How many have they shot? Are they new to the scene? Have they only ever second shot before? I wouldn’t suggest not considering photographers or people starting out as I’ve been there and its tough, but make sure you check their other work, ask the above questions and speak to them and get a feel for how they operate. Also make sure they’re not completely clueless.

Can they cope with the long hours?: Weddings are brutal at times and can be an incredibly long day for a photographer, therefore being able to make sustain performance and concentration throughout is a must. I will say it’s not for everyone and some tend to struggle with the pace. Again fighting the case here for the younger generation, we offer the advantages that we can work for 14 hours a day easily and even sprint 200m to get ahead and shoot a good vantage point. I personally often find myself running about at weddings to get where I need quickly.

Price: Admittedly price is always a factor for some, but please don’t be afraid of those starting out, or offering a lower priced day. We do still care about the work we produce, we still put in the same hours and we offer the same love and passion. In my opinion this is even more prevalent in those just starting out. I saw a comment the other day that said a cheaper photographer just won’t bother putting in the editing time for a couple of hundred quid, I always ask why not? I do! We care just as much and do just as good a job.


So that’s my few points on choosing a photographer, there are many more questions out there, but they have all been done to death. My point here is don’t be put off by budget or new photographers, the only ones knocking these people down are the ones who were new 10 years ago and seem to have forgotten what its like to start with nothing.


I love what I do, and I love the long days and pressure, its a massive buzz to be a part of someone’s day. I got into photography for the love of creating images, not the money. Yes you need to function as a business, but we’re artists at the end of the day and creating, in my mind, always comes first.


Have fun choosing, for more posts please follow this blog, or visit my website

Wedding Photography: Cantley House Woking

In april I was in woking at the wonderful Cantley house, A lovely secluded venue with some great gardens and indoor space, Who will also cater for marquee weddings. I cannot recommend this venue enough, The day went smoothly and the wedding planners were excellent and their efforts were amazing.

In this post will be a list of suppliers who were present on the day too, and they were all great, especially the Pro Slot racing (giant scalectrix) which kept everyone entertained.

The Brides Arivval was in this wonderfull 1930’s badsworth from, As you can see it looked great on the day,


Flowers for the day were equally stunning and well put together, From

Next up here was the bride coming down the isle, these were among some of my favourites of the day,


I think the Expressions in the image, really capture what i love about wedding photography

CantleyHouseWokingwedding-10The Signing of the Register, This was the Posed shot so don’t worry i wasn’t shooting what i wasn’t meant to, the registrar’s have this ”signing” one, complete with fake names so it looks great



both of the above images were while we were shooting in the grounds, while they are posed in some way, the natural expressions and laughter are great and again moments that I love to capture


This was great Fun! and Yes I had to try it, Who wouldn’t. Provided by Proslot Racing,

Then onto the final part of the night, the first Dance, Beats Working were great at providing the music for the night




I hope you have all enjoyed reading this blog post, and enjoyed the images within, To book your own wedding or discuss anything please get in touch, More of my work can be seen at OR Facebook 




Commercial Food Photography: The Avalon Alfresco Menu

Earlier last month I was in london, Shooting some amazing food at the Avalon Pub in Clapham.

Its a wonderfull pub with a brand new beer garden, build by the Beer Garden Co in dorset. It is a great place to go to eat and have a drink. We set up a shoot on the long feasting table in the garden, with the view to shooting their new party/alfresco menu. With lots of smaller dishes and some colourful cocktails to shoot, I chose to stay away from some of the traditional aspects of food photography and shoot in a candid feel. This in my mind would add to the alfresco feel of the shoot.

The feature piece of the shoot was their new 1 meter pizzas! yes 1 meter, They look very impressive and taste excellent too. Boards handmade by another Dorset company.

All of these were shot with natural light, it was a over cast day anyway, but a large sail above the scene provided some lovely soft diffused light.

Take  a look these images, and why not go along and taste some for your selves See here



Thank you for looking, And Feel free to get in touch for a quote for some food photography of your own


Weymouth Seafront Fashion

Last month I met up with fashion and lifestyle blogger Rhiannon of Lifenstyle See her link below for some fantastic words about clothes and life, Its well worth a read,


A great day for a shoot in weymouth though, lots of broken cloud diffusing the harsh spring sunlight, softening shadows enough to avoid using flash, which was great. this meant I could keep the lens wide open and achieve a narrow depth of field, which really shows off the clothing being shot well, Shooting on my 70-200 2.8 allowed the narrow DOF and compressed the scene bringing the background forward creating plenty of details,


there will be more from this shoot to share in the near future, As and when I get around to do it, but these two here are ones i favoured from the shoot.



And follow this link here for the blog mentioned above,

Thanks for Reading



Recent commercial work

So april has been a busy month for me so far, a wedding, some fashion, food photography for the three cheers pub co in london, and then images of the beer gardens built by fat leaf/beer garden co at a number of pubs in london, all round a busy weekend

Just a couple of previews from my phone for now, proper images and write up to follow soon



Dorset Landscape Photography: WASHED UP

Its been a very long time since my last landscape post, but here is a mono long exposure shot while working on my uni projects again


Its by no means anything special but its one of a few I’m working on editing at the moment



Available as a print, as always, and any feedback welcome