A little change to the blog.

Ive spend a couple of hours today just mixing it up a little,

You will see a few changes including the overall design and a improved sidebar with more consise options





Recent commercial work

So april has been a busy month for me so far, a wedding, some fashion, food photography for the three cheers pub co in london, and then images of the beer gardens built by fat leaf/beer garden co at a number of pubs in london, all round a busy weekend

Just a couple of previews from my phone for now, proper images and write up to follow soon



Newly Designed Website

Hi all


My website had been out of date for some time, due to just being too busy to spend a lot of time on the site. Plus now i have an office space with a beautiful iMac finding time doesn’t seem so bad anymore!


But please follow this link and you will find my new website, with new gallery pages and updated text,




I hope that it will show my work off a little better than the old site and still allows visitors to view images large with minimal clicks.



Social Media Sites

Ive been busy recently getting back onto all my social media sites, Ive neglected most for facebook recently, but all areas are important so while ive been quiet im getting on top of things,

Here are ALL my various sites so please feel free to add me



Google Plus




Model Mayhem


Dorset Poppy Fields

This was a Poppy Field just outside of weymouth, You can see weymouth and portland in the distance. Had seen a lot of traditional shots of the location and wanted something different.

Therefore a Stormy Day and a long exposure was what i needed. Not a Long one about 45 seconds but long enough to create some great movement in the field and sky



Dorset Landscape Photography: O P E N

Its been a little while since my last landscape post, been too busy to get out and do it, but had some rare free time yesterday, So Went out with the intention of this Shot. I have shot this location before so knew what would work.

The Clouds were great for long exposures, So Setting the camera up and opening the Gate so the eye can follow trough the scene. a 40 Second Exposure resulted in this Moody image.



I hope you All Like it


Dorset Wedding Photography

Hi all, 

Been a busy few weeks again, two weddings and a house move so ive been up against it. both weddings were great amazing bunch of people, shame about the british weather on the first, rained most of the day, and then the next we had lovely sunshine so could get out for some lovely shots 




A Couple more Bookings, one for next month and then of to Hereford For a Wedding! 


Same as usual to report with landscapes, not a lot been happening, one unsucsessful shoot the other day in  a lightning storm and thats about it