Commercial: The Avalon Beer Garden

Here is some more work Ive undertaken for the Beer Garden Co from bridport, dorset.

This here is the most extensive of the garden builds for the Three cheers pub co. This particular pub the Avalon is in clapham on balham hill, And its a stunner!

with two gardens both fully refurbished in handmade and bespoke wood fittings, Its a great place to stop and relax,


The Avalon main garden


And then a small side garden made from reclaimed scaffolding boards, All  hand cut to fit!


I think anyone can agree they look great!

The Beer Garden Co

Fat Leaf 

The Avalon 




Landscape Photography: London At Night

This image here was shot while in london shooting beer gardens for a client.

I had just finished shooting at the Fellow in Kings cross when walking back to the car and came across this scene, too good to miss I set up the tripod and shot just one frame.


I love london at night and its one I still want to shoot properly, perhaps soon Ill be able to get out and fill up on city scenes.


Dorset Landscape Photography: WASHED UP

Its been a very long time since my last landscape post, but here is a mono long exposure shot while working on my uni projects again


Its by no means anything special but its one of a few I’m working on editing at the moment



Available as a print, as always, and any feedback welcome

A bleak Weymouth Day

I shot this small series while shooting for a uni project I was working on.

my Aim was to show the bleak reality of a coastal town out of tourist season. A contrast from the busy beaches and bustling shops.  To shoot this one i decided to use my new lens baby muse, and limit it to just a f5.6 aperture. This is a very soft lens and gave itself well to the concept i had. the images have then been edited in LR to reflect a moody and grainy scene, with dark blacks and lots of film grain added.


I think it works Really well, this here is a small selection of what was shot  on the day, I may as time goes on release more, or i may not. Who knows.


I may also revisit in the summer with the same kit and same idea but shoot weymouth at its busiest and compare the two.













And thats it, I hope you have enjoyed looking at these, Any prints or questions please ask!



Dorset Landscape Photography: S A V I O U R II

Hi all


Never realised I hadn’t shared this image with you all! Shot back in September when I had a day off from the day job.

Having moved house recently (might I add never in wedding season again!) I’m within walking distance of the Nothe Fort area of Weymouth.

The day was very overcast with broken clouds, the sort I love for Long exposure work. The wind started off seeming promising as the clouds were moving quickly, so would create some great shapes. However it was probably gusting 40mph! not great for keeping a camera shake free for 2min plus!.

Any images I had shot at the end of the pier where there is a large metal viewpoint with a great spiral staircase, were completely unusable due to the vibrations through the camera being buffeted by the gusts.

So back up plan in place, I retreated to the base of the pier sheltered by the fort itself. Where there is a Life Buoy attached to the railings. I’ve shot similar LE’s before.

Shot on the Canon 5dMKii, 17-40 @20mm, ISO 50, F/14, 99 seconds


Available as a print or canvas

W A Y D O W N : Ringstead Monochrome

My first Mono image in a long time, From a recent sunrise.

This was a 4 minute exposure using my 10 stop, Was a wonderful sunrise, and just as it was over the clouds came over and started to rain while waiting for this image to expose.


Prints are available



O V E R    W A T C H

Its been a Long Time since my last post, Or even last picture, the last month has flown by, have hardly had time to even think about getting out,

So as its miserable here and my Car is curently sat outside on Jacks, here is one from a little while ago.

A Typically Cloudy day at portland bill, gave me the opourtunity to slow things down and get this shot of the Lighthouse.

This will be going in the new Gallery Space i have in Brewers quay, Weymouth. I hope you all like it, And if anyone is near and fancys a look, just as for the Art Asylum, We have a Great Selection of alternate art.

Cheers for know


Clavells Pier LE

Clavells Pier LE

Hi All,

another from a Trip to Kimmeridge bay, Dorset the other day, A long Exposure of the Clavells Pier that Sits under the Tower there. A great subject for photographers, with the smooth rocks and graphic lines that the pier produces, and always looks great in Black and White.

Again Time is Getting busy, A lot going on this month, Visiting a Gallery to asses some space for my work and decide if i want to rent a wall or be charged commission. Gallery is in Weymouths Brewers Quay so a great location and a great Business Prospect. A couple of photoshoots booked before christmas and a Craft fayre in mid december as well, so plenty to keep me busy.

Will update at the weekend following the gallery visit and hopefully all goes well.

Dont forget to order your print in time for x mas too! come see me at

Kimmeridge Low Tide Ledges

Kimmeridge Low Tide Ledges

Landscapes have been few and far between for me recently, So a Blessing that i managed a sunday afternoon out at Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset. A place ive only visited once before, This being my second visit, Wanting to Get another Long Exposure of the big low tide ledge that all Photographers Flock too. A few frames out at the end of it with water lapping around my feet was enough for me to get this shot and then move on.

A Few more will be following this as and when i get around to editing them.