Commercial: The Avalon Beer Garden

Here is some more work Ive undertaken for the Beer Garden Co from bridport, dorset.

This here is the most extensive of the garden builds for the Three cheers pub co. This particular pub the Avalon is in clapham on balham hill, And its a stunner!

with two gardens both fully refurbished in handmade and bespoke wood fittings, Its a great place to stop and relax,


The Avalon main garden


And then a small side garden made from reclaimed scaffolding boards, All  hand cut to fit!


I think anyone can agree they look great!

The Beer Garden Co

Fat Leaf 

The Avalon 




Commercial: The Stonhouse Beer Garden

This has been part of a recent project for a local Company, The Beer Garden Co from Bridport Dorset (Link)

They are great at what they do, Proper handmade wood gardens and furniture. If you need anything its well worth a call. In total I shot 5 pubs in london for them and then a few local ones will be covered soon. 4 of the pubs are owned by the Three cheers pub co (Link) , A lovely chain that have clearly put a lot of effort into making  a bespoke and memorable chain. And now with some top quality beer gardens to match!

Here are just a couple of images from the Beer Garden at the Stonhouse


As you can see its a lovely little garden tucked away in London, A great escape for an amazing cocktail

The whole construction of the garden looks great, a real testament to how much attention goes into the design from Ross and the guys at the beer garden co, And I seriously love those tables, they look and feel amazing in the flesh.

Commercial Food Photography: The Avalon Alfresco Menu

Earlier last month I was in london, Shooting some amazing food at the Avalon Pub in Clapham.

Its a wonderfull pub with a brand new beer garden, build by the Beer Garden Co in dorset. It is a great place to go to eat and have a drink. We set up a shoot on the long feasting table in the garden, with the view to shooting their new party/alfresco menu. With lots of smaller dishes and some colourful cocktails to shoot, I chose to stay away from some of the traditional aspects of food photography and shoot in a candid feel. This in my mind would add to the alfresco feel of the shoot.

The feature piece of the shoot was their new 1 meter pizzas! yes 1 meter, They look very impressive and taste excellent too. Boards handmade by another Dorset company.

All of these were shot with natural light, it was a over cast day anyway, but a large sail above the scene provided some lovely soft diffused light.

Take  a look these images, and why not go along and taste some for your selves See here



Thank you for looking, And Feel free to get in touch for a quote for some food photography of your own


Weymouth Seafront Fashion

Last month I met up with fashion and lifestyle blogger Rhiannon of Lifenstyle See her link below for some fantastic words about clothes and life, Its well worth a read,


A great day for a shoot in weymouth though, lots of broken cloud diffusing the harsh spring sunlight, softening shadows enough to avoid using flash, which was great. this meant I could keep the lens wide open and achieve a narrow depth of field, which really shows off the clothing being shot well, Shooting on my 70-200 2.8 allowed the narrow DOF and compressed the scene bringing the background forward creating plenty of details,


there will be more from this shoot to share in the near future, As and when I get around to do it, but these two here are ones i favoured from the shoot.



And follow this link here for the blog mentioned above,

Thanks for Reading



Nightime fashion photography

Hi all

Something a little different for you here.

Have had a couple of weeks with no weddings so thought id shoot something a bit different to my normal work.

This shoot took place in yeovil town centre early evening. The model was a tann marie. She can be found on fb or purple port under model miss marie.

Simple lighting set up with one speedlight and a white umbrella up high on a stand.

Shooting with a 50mm 1.8 allowed some great bokeh of the christmas lights still in place




Thanks for looking


Dorset Portrait Photography: Conceptual Arts Swanage

Hi all,

Once again it’s been FAR to long since my last blog post, all for good reasons I will add though. Plenty of weddings, and odd bits inbetween. My last wedding of 2015 was shot the weekend just gone.

But onto this post, I was asked to take some promotional images for the swanage conceptual arts and drama group, for their upcoming production of Alice.

Going with a idea in my mind of some dark low key images, to fit with the theatre and drama that the group provide.

Simple one light set up to the right of the subjects and a black backdrop. All shot on my Canon 5dmkii on the 50mm prime. (ISO 100, F/9, 1/200th). Settings ensured maximum sharpness and detail, with the low iso and narrow F stop cutting out most of the ambient light leaving the flash head to do the work on 1/8th power. Lighting once again was simple with a single head with a large white umbrella providing a soft but detail catching light. A Gridded beauty Dish would have done the same job but creating a different catch light and narrower light source. But being a small 45cm dish, the light would have been narrow and I would have lost some of the detail in the costumes.

This shot of the Mad hatter is my personal Choice from the shoot.


My next posts wont be so far away this time. And with no weddings until the start of January I have a little time for writing and general updating I’ve been so relaxed on recently.


Maybe even a landscape!



Charity Nights:

Hi all,

Really Didn’t realize it has been so long since my last post, Had a number of weddings since then, I will share some pictures of them at some point.

But recently i hvae been part of 2 great charity nights, the first Drop Dead Gorgeous, a halloween fashion show in aid of headway, And the Second a Pole dancing cabaret  night in Aid of Orchid,

Both great nights and raised a lot of money between the two,

Drop Dead images, Heres just a Couple


And then The Pole Night


So A Lot of photos but a lot of happy people with the results and a good amount of money for charity too.

I do have another Night end of December which is a beauty pageant, Which im definitely looking forward too.

Till next time