Recent commercial work

So april has been a busy month for me so far, a wedding, some fashion, food photography for the three cheers pub co in london, and then images of the beer gardens built by fat leaf/beer garden co at a number of pubs in london, all round a busy weekend

Just a couple of previews from my phone for now, proper images and write up to follow soon



Dorset Landscape Photography: WASHED UP

Its been a very long time since my last landscape post, but here is a mono long exposure shot while working on my uni projects again


Its by no means anything special but its one of a few I’m working on editing at the moment



Available as a print, as always, and any feedback welcome

A bleak Weymouth Day

I shot this small series while shooting for a uni project I was working on.

my Aim was to show the bleak reality of a coastal town out of tourist season. A contrast from the busy beaches and bustling shops.  To shoot this one i decided to use my new lens baby muse, and limit it to just a f5.6 aperture. This is a very soft lens and gave itself well to the concept i had. the images have then been edited in LR to reflect a moody and grainy scene, with dark blacks and lots of film grain added.


I think it works Really well, this here is a small selection of what was shot  on the day, I may as time goes on release more, or i may not. Who knows.


I may also revisit in the summer with the same kit and same idea but shoot weymouth at its busiest and compare the two.













And thats it, I hope you have enjoyed looking at these, Any prints or questions please ask!



Dorset wedding photography: winter west bay wedding

A little while ago this one now. Back in november i shot a wedding in west bay dorset. The venue being the haddon house hotel. A lovely place to stay!

The weather was a bit sour! Big 40mph sw winds and driving rain made outdoor pictures difficult to say the least. Group shots done inside with use of the hotels christmas decorations. We then braved the outdoors some pictures around west bay in the dark. Shooting on the side of the harbour with the rain and wind was a challenge but we did it! Some lovely images. We then shot in the arcade and the launderette! Yes thats right.. we were passing and the door was open so rude not too!

So here are a few pictures from the day






So that was the last one of 2015! First wedding of 2016 is coming up this weekend. So look out for some more nighttime images from that one too

Thanks for reading


Nightime fashion photography

Hi all

Something a little different for you here.

Have had a couple of weeks with no weddings so thought id shoot something a bit different to my normal work.

This shoot took place in yeovil town centre early evening. The model was a tann marie. She can be found on fb or purple port under model miss marie.

Simple lighting set up with one speedlight and a white umbrella up high on a stand.

Shooting with a 50mm 1.8 allowed some great bokeh of the christmas lights still in place




Thanks for looking