Commercial: The Avalon Beer Garden

Here is some more work Ive undertaken for the Beer Garden Co from bridport, dorset.

This here is the most extensive of the garden builds for the Three cheers pub co. This particular pub the Avalon is in clapham on balham hill, And its a stunner!

with two gardens both fully refurbished in handmade and bespoke wood fittings, Its a great place to stop and relax,


The Avalon main garden


And then a small side garden made from reclaimed scaffolding boards, All  hand cut to fit!


I think anyone can agree they look great!

The Beer Garden Co

Fat Leaf 

The Avalon 




B E A M S : Dorset Monochrome

Whilst organising my Hard drive at the weekend, i came across a few images that i have pulled out for editing.

This being one of them, back in 2012 spring time at Langdon Woods, I have cropped the image to a 16:9 ratio, which helps focus the attention to the lines and the light through the tree’s.

I had it in a Desaturated colour first, but then went full mono on it, and darkened up the shadows slightly,


Very moody. Got a few ideas for shoots like this coming up, with a twist.


UK Storms Feb 2014

Well We’ve had it rough here for the last few weeks, Constant battering from high winds and rain. As some of you may have seen on the news down in the South of England it has been particularly bad, With Chesil taking most of the brunt as has the devon and cornwall coastline, the destruction has been High. Inland has not been unaffected either, with the Somerset Levels being underwater for some Weeks now. 


Now on with the Photos, Due to work And other Commitments haven’t got many of this weather, plus the fact its just been unsafe to get out. I managed a trip to portland bill the other evening to capture these two images. 



And it has Been Far Worse than That!! Both of these were taken on a moderately calm Day in comparison to the rest of the storm, Preparations for the next one are under way now,  When Will it end? Who knows


Other than these I have been busy Taking wedding Bookings and meeting new clients, So business is starting to pick up. Have also scouted some nice portrait locations for a future shoot idea i have, So Keep an eye out for that. Just need this weather to end and for it to warm up slightly 

Why not check out my Website while your here? 


Cheers for now




S T I C K I N G  U P

A Minimal Long Exposure from the Dorset Coast. This is hard to belive but this was Taken in the middle of the Level 3 heatwave we have had recently, A 28 Degree Celsius Day this Was. By about mid afternoon we had a Thick Sea fog on our shores.
I New it would make great Minimal monochrome images, So I new I had to make the Trip Out. Worth it? I think So Got this Simple mono and some other great images to come soon as well.

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