Dorset Portrait Photography: Conceptual Arts Swanage

Hi all,

Once again it’s been FAR to long since my last blog post, all for good reasons I will add though. Plenty of weddings, and odd bits inbetween. My last wedding of 2015 was shot the weekend just gone.

But onto this post, I was asked to take some promotional images for the swanage conceptual arts and drama group, for their upcoming production of Alice.

Going with a idea in my mind of some dark low key images, to fit with the theatre and drama that the group provide.

Simple one light set up to the right of the subjects and a black backdrop. All shot on my Canon 5dmkii on the 50mm prime. (ISO 100, F/9, 1/200th). Settings ensured maximum sharpness and detail, with the low iso and narrow F stop cutting out most of the ambient light leaving the flash head to do the work on 1/8th power. Lighting once again was simple with a single head with a large white umbrella providing a soft but detail catching light. A Gridded beauty Dish would have done the same job but creating a different catch light and narrower light source. But being a small 45cm dish, the light would have been narrow and I would have lost some of the detail in the costumes.

This shot of the Mad hatter is my personal Choice from the shoot.


My next posts wont be so far away this time. And with no weddings until the start of January I have a little time for writing and general updating I’ve been so relaxed on recently.


Maybe even a landscape!