Commercial: The Avalon Beer Garden

Here is some more work Ive undertaken for the Beer Garden Co from bridport, dorset.

This here is the most extensive of the garden builds for the Three cheers pub co. This particular pub the Avalon is in clapham on balham hill, And its a stunner!

with two gardens both fully refurbished in handmade and bespoke wood fittings, Its a great place to stop and relax,


The Avalon main garden


And then a small side garden made from reclaimed scaffolding boards, All  hand cut to fit!


I think anyone can agree they look great!

The Beer Garden Co

Fat Leaf 

The Avalon 



Weymouth Seafront Fashion

Last month I met up with fashion and lifestyle blogger Rhiannon of Lifenstyle See her link below for some fantastic words about clothes and life, Its well worth a read,


A great day for a shoot in weymouth though, lots of broken cloud diffusing the harsh spring sunlight, softening shadows enough to avoid using flash, which was great. this meant I could keep the lens wide open and achieve a narrow depth of field, which really shows off the clothing being shot well, Shooting on my 70-200 2.8 allowed the narrow DOF and compressed the scene bringing the background forward creating plenty of details,


there will be more from this shoot to share in the near future, As and when I get around to do it, but these two here are ones i favoured from the shoot.



And follow this link here for the blog mentioned above,

Thanks for Reading




O V E R    W A T C H

Its been a Long Time since my last post, Or even last picture, the last month has flown by, have hardly had time to even think about getting out,

So as its miserable here and my Car is curently sat outside on Jacks, here is one from a little while ago.

A Typically Cloudy day at portland bill, gave me the opourtunity to slow things down and get this shot of the Lighthouse.

This will be going in the new Gallery Space i have in Brewers quay, Weymouth. I hope you all like it, And if anyone is near and fancys a look, just as for the Art Asylum, We have a Great Selection of alternate art.

Cheers for know




A Minimal Long exposure of a Boat Jetty.

A private boat jetty in Poole Harbour, Dorset, This was at the end of a garden of a large house. It made a great subject for Black and white.

This is the Reason why I love Black and white images, This was shot on a Bright and sunny day, with white Puffy Clouds, I think the transformation into Black and white has given the image a completely different mood, Transforming a Bright and sunny day into a Dark and Moody Scene.

I feel The majority of my Black and white work reflects the same transformation. Changing scenes completely and Adding something special to the Everyday.