Fascinating times!

Have again had a Crazy few weeks, 

My Gallery space has now been Sorted! and once payday is here at the end of the month a selection of monochrome works will be making their way onto the walls, have a large 5ft wide by about 8-10 ft tall piece of wall, so plenty of scope for what to put up there. 

Really pleased to be part of a unique gallery that isn’t just your normal art gallery, were all a bit different in there, And a great bunch of people… We are having an official opening at the end of april. More details will be soon if anyone is interested. 


Other than that been getting on with the photography degree See here: http://dan122010.wordpress.com/ which is taking up a lot of time, as is my Saab Project car, which eats away both my time and pocket. 


and then just preparing for my first weddings coming up, one this friday, next friday, and one in may aswell, so that side of the business is going well. and with the Gallery hopefully the print sales will pick up too! 


Cheers for reading 

Sorry no pictures! 




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