Lyme Bay Storm Front

Lyme Bay Storm Front

Were Getting Battered Here in Dorset. Storm force winds and the threat of hurricane force winds! Means one thing rough Seas, Great for Photographs but very Dangerous! Reported that a Photographer may have lost his life down Lyme Regis last night while shooting the Storm. So Saftey is a must, Respect is the thing the sea needs the most, Very unpredictable at times.

This was shot on a set of steps well away from the cobb wall where the light want the best, with the wind whipping straight into this little cove, it made a great dramatic sea, Converted into black and white to enhance the texture of the sea.

Unfortunately the Bad weather didn’t Stop the Local council Parking attendants working, Who Gave me a nice note of Praise for not having a ticket, And have asked for £60 towards what i can presume is their christmas party fund. Still more than worth it though, Getting out and Getting these shots I feel is priceless.

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