T H E  O L D  O N E

This is the Famous remains of the Old Pier at Swanage in Dorset. This Has become a mecca for all Long exposure photographers, with its simple composition, interesting wood structure and slight sweeping shape. It makes a great LE subject.

With so many other photographers shooting this pier images can become a bit similar, but here is my take on the well shot landmark.

Taken on a Very cloudy and over cast Day, Perfect conditions for Swannage. Using a 10 stop ND filter the exposure ran into several minutes, simplifying the scene, smoothing the sea and increasing the contrast in the scene.

Swanage is a Great Place to visit and shoot, and I would fully recommend it to anyone! With winter being the best time to visit.

I have been very busy this week and will be even busier next week as i’m currently moving house, but I will Keep my blog full with interesting images for you

Thanks for reading



2 thoughts on “T H E O L D O N E

  1. Really unless you are willing to hike 10 miles to some remote locations, may photographic locations have been shot to death. What is important is that you enjoy the process and find your own interpretation. This image works due to it’s simple composition and B&W conversion. The viewer is made to focus on the texture of the old pier since you did a great job of 1) blurring the water, 2) choosing an overcast sky that does not compete with the pier, 3) choose to do this in B&W to add contrast between the pier and the water. Great job.

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